Simple 5K Marathon Training Tips

Training for a 5K race may seem daunting, but really, it can be fun, exciting and a fulfilling personal experience. Marathon training can be easy if runners follow these simple tips:

  • Routes – Learn the marathon route. Runners should practice their running techniques by running a few minutes and then walking a couple minutes. This training routine is easy to increase the next day to running a few more minutes, jogging a few minutes and then walking a few minutes. Increase this regimen until running five minutes and then taking a 30 to 60-second break. On average, a 5K run requires 25 to 35 minutes of non-stop jogging and running. It is important to build up endurance when training. Remember to train on a variety of terrain, including hills, to increase muscle endurance.
  • Legs – To help increase both speed and endurance, spend time training legs, including quads, calves, hips, hamstrings and shins. This includes weight-training exercises that include several reps with lightweights, which helps increase and build endurance.
  • Slow and Steady – Slow and steady wins the race, as it prevent people from tiring out. Adopt a moderate pace and listen to the body’s internal signs to prevent exhaustion.